Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blend it like Beckham

Before I start explaining what I have been able to do and what I have not been able to do I'd like to give a little background to this blog. I created this today 7/19/07, but actually began my experience last week. So there are going to be several posts from today to recount what I have done up until now.

Now back to the Blend!

So far I have been able to create basic animations very easily. While I find myself still thinking about motion tweens and movie clips, Blend has done a pretty good job creating its own methodology for animation. The visual tree by default seems to have the stacking order in a counter intuitive fashion, but atleast they give you the option to toggle between ascending and descending the cascading order.

With only about 2 days of actually monkeying around in the application I have a pretty base understanding of:
  • Animation - Key Frames and TimeLine
  • Data Binding
  • Basic Event Triggers
  • Object Property Manipulation
  • Basic XAML Syntax
I am finding that trying to bind more than one piece of data to a control is not initially apparent. Considering that I am a designer and not a developer I do not have Visual Studio, and even if I did I am not at all familiar it. I am hoping that despite my lack of development expertise that I can still create robust and functional RIAs that are comparable to what I am able to create in Flash.

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